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snimeasscore:5.0 / 52024-02-11
Good location, convenient travel, inconvenient parking
candy_lauscore:5.0 / 52024-02-11
not bad
e05107939score:5.0 / 52024-02-04
The first check-in, very convenient, also good
jwt87score:5.0 / 52024-01-16
The hotel is clean and tidy with friendly staff. The price is also reasonable. Breakfast is very rich. It's very convenient to stay here if you catch a plane. Although you don't feel noisy at the airport, you forget to take photos when you go in. When you are in a hurry, you just take two photos. If you want to stay here next time, all aspects are very good
Alexyu26score:5.0 / 52024-01-14
It's so convenient to catch an early flight in the morning!
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